Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Count Down New Year

2012 is almost gone, isn't it?

There're so many things happened.. Start from the happiest things to the saddest things that made ​​the tears rolling down my cheeks.
I don't really remember what happened in January and February, 'cause I had ripped it from the calendar page for decorated some gift. (hehe)
On March 18th, my Mom's birthday, I gave her clothes.
April 3rd, my sister's birthday. On days 16 to 18, I faced my last National Examination in my life. Because after going through it I will be a college student! Wuhuww!
On May 7th, I was facing trial reports. It's felt like the college student who were doing thesis. After almost 3 months I interned at my teacher's husband's office, I must to make a report and present it in front of the guidance counselor. Really like the college student who want to graduate. I passed it with very satisfying scores. On day 26, my National Exam results came out, and I get the average value of 9.17. In this month I felt very, very, very awesome. At the end of the month I signed up national examination for entrance university. Try my fortune.

2th of June was my graduation day. Truly a day that drain everybody's tears. On 12th and 13th I went to the university entrance exam.. June was a tough month.
July!! It's my month! On 3rd I got older. Thanks to my friends that have gave surprise and gifts. I love you guys! I was thought everything's will be great in my month.. But I'm out of luck.. A few days after my birthday I know that I failed to go to university that I want. It was a bitter 18th birthday present.
August 21th, the day my father's birthday! Not a lot of interesting things going on besides that.
10th September I started my new college orientation. A week of sucks.17 September.. My grandmother passed away. I know it when I'm waiting for the next class on campus. I was absent for 2 days due to taking care of my grandmother's funeral. September was a very heavy month.

October.. Passed quickly. There are only tasks, duties, and assignments. Then my first midterms.
15th November I went to Pangandaran Beach! A quite refreshing holiday, far from fuckin' college things.
December... Was running slow when there was the issue of 211212 doomsday. I didn't believe, because I was so waiting for that date, it seemed so long. And apparently now it is 31th.. Where the hell the doomsday??? Haha.
I hope 2013 will be better and no more tears of sadness. Cheers, SKN :)

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