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Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Cruelty of Human Mouth

     There's only two types of people in the world. The ones people who like to express their feeling. The ones who didn't dare.

     Everyone has a point of view about something differently. Worse, many of those who spit their negative think without thinking other people's feelings. That's hurt, I admit I also do it sometimes. But I'm more like.. Hey you're smoke? Oh, it's OK. You're drink? It's all up to you. You've had sex? No problem, that's your privacy. You wear a lot of make up? It's good for you. You don't? Well all fucking right. I don't care if people have tattoos or piercings.. I don't care if people have a fucked up past.. I'm no one to judge and neither are you. But after so long, I finally realized the law of karma applies. You're judging other people, other people will judge you. And I was born again become person that always saw the positive side of everything. I'd love if people also began to think like me, but it wasn't possible. Life is not too exciting if all people in this world have same thought.

     Many people judge a person only from the appearances. And why often each of us do pretty good things, other people don't sees it. But when we do bad things, everybody all ears?

     Since junior high school I was often known as a wild girl. I admit I love to be free. I colored my hair to red, sloppy looked, speak sarcasm, use mini skirt for school, acted casually, etc.
But, hey! Make sure you're good enough before you judge me. Don't judge me just because my sin differently than you. I wish people would look to their selves first before their judge others.

     Lucky I was blessed with super-duper-regardless character. So I don't give a fuck what people thinks of me. I am me. I am who live my life. All the pain, the radiance, the mystery, the beauty, everything you see in me, you'll NEVER understand it. Who are you to judge? Only God can judge me. God made me who I am like this, so are you questioning God?

     I hope the people who judge me will realize, the fact about I'm trying to be a good person. Although if it was written, it'll be a lot of my mean notes.
The more I get older, the more I struggled to fix my sins. I'm trying not to fall into the same hole again. I wanna be ant's pants. I'm arse into gear. I hope you guys who already judging me around to see if I don't live in the past anymore. Please appreciate my life TODAY. I'm sick of all you people judging me.. Cheers, SKN.

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